The term bestie is not a title; it's a promise.

Ladies, if you’ve ever found it difficult to build healthy and long-lasting friendships with other women in your adult life, it’s either because she wasn’t, you weren’t or neither of you were living by The Code. You’ll know who broke The Code by the time you finish this home-hitting read.

This trio of besties breaks down the art of living by The Bestie Code, 10 fundamental principles of building and maintaining your best friendships, your squad, your girl gang.

This isn’t your typical women’s self-help guide to living. It’s an authentic, realistic, hilarious and detailed account of how three adult women from different walks of life bonded through the good, the bad, the ugly, the “oh hell naw,” the “girl I will cut him for you,” the “yasss queen,” and the “oh well… sh!t happens” moments of life.

Dive in and journey through this exhilarating page-turner and discover how you too can be living your best life with your best girlfriends. These narratives eliminate the myth that, “women can’t get along.” Not only can we get along, but we can live life in such a golden way together by living by The Bestie Code.

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