About The Authors

C. Reneé Mangum

C. Reneé Mangum is a Business Development Strategist and digital influencer. She is a voice and advocate for empowering women in business, no matter what industry they want to thrive in. She is the creator and host of the BOSS Brunch, an annual entrepreneur’s networking brunch tour for growing and sharing knowledge with aspiring and established entrepreneurs. She is also the creator of the Strictly Business Planner Book, a tool for entrepreneurs to prioritize and organize their businesses.


She, her husband and her son are Detroit natives enjoying the Phoenix sun. When she is not laughing hysterically at her bestie group text thread, she is traveling the world, running her business, spending time with her loved ones, eating chicken sushi with friends (seafood allergy) or taking long random naps on the sofa. She has been a member and leader of her sorority for seven years, fostering sisterhood and service nationwide.

TaVonna Symphony

TaVonna Symphony is a cancer survivor, lupus warrior, author, and advocate for women with chronic and invisible illnesses. Her personal journey has been the driving force behind her earnest desire and passion to encourage women to fearlessly navigate life unapologetically. She’s a Life Navigation Specialist helping her audience navigate life around road blocks. She’s the creator of the “My Chronically Essential Health Organizer” and the founder and facilitator of “The Lupie Mama and Co” support group.


Born and raised in St. Louis, she now resides in Mesa, AZ with her husband and two children. When she not planning her besties’ lives or helping chronic illness patients find their way, you can find her in the sky flying to  fun destinations, in a bakery buying cookies, or ordering planners on line. She has also been a member of her sorority for six years focusing on local philanthropies.

Emma Sheree

Emma Sheree is a lover of literature and all things creative. She is the founder of Eclectic Stereo, a blog showcasing her thoughts, ideas and opinions on a variety of music genres. She has worked on many creative projects, including an independent music magazine and now a book empowering women to be better supporters of one another. As a recently divorced mother of three, her life can get pretty busy but she’s all for spending time with her besties.


She is a Detroit native but has resided in the desert of Phoenix, AZ, for over 4 years. In her spare time, she writes to perfect her craft, loves on her children and strives to be a great person all around. Learning to love herself one book at a time.