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Emma Sheree is a lover of literature and all things creative. She is the founder of Eclectic Stereo, a blog showcasing her thoughts, ideas and opinions on a variety of music genres. She has worked on many creative projects, including an independent music magazine and now a book empowering women to be better supporters of one another. As a recently divorced mother of three, her life can get pretty busy but she’s all for spending time with her besties.


She is a Detroit native but has resided in the desert of Phoenix, AZ, for over 4 years. In her spare time, she writes to perfect her craft, loves on her children and strives to be a great person all around. Learning to love herself one book at a time.

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I am a writer and the founder of the Broken Dolls Initiative, an organization whose goal is to provide encouragement and empower women to become whom God created them to be and to assure them that there is life in second chances. I have always had a passion for helping women and I know that it is my God-given purpose to share my story with them so that they will understand that perfect does not equal power, it’s the potential that makes the possibilities.  I am also a co-author of the 2018 anthology release, Letters to Our Daughters, as well as a contributing writer for Today’s Purpose Magazine. I writes devotional for Our Bible App and am a featured blogger for and

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With over 10 years experience in the fashion industry ranging from design to personal styling, I’ve been able to see my passion and love for making other people feel great about themselves flourish. The truth is your image is what introduces you before you’ve even spoken a word. Yes, it is that important and I believe that each of us, regardless of budget or body type, should have an opportunity to present ourselves appropriately. Although I can style any body type, I specialize in Plus Size women. I have a niche for finding an agreeable space between forward fashion and the pieces you feel most comfortable in. I’m so excited to meet and learn more about how I can help you feel more confident in your own skin everyday. Oh, and I'm really fun too! 

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Bobbi Leigh is an up and coming African American author with a passion for horror, sci-fi and fantasy.

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Carline Stacian Brown a true Aries by birth and nature, born on the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica. I’m the first of four girls for my mama, but chile I swear I could be my mama’s mama. I’m an old soul. One of the “best worse” things I always hear even to today, “Don’t get offended, you do look your age but you sound so old!” I have never been offended because it's with making mistakes and learning from them, having a front row seat in other people’s relationship dilemma, being the go to person for advice for people of all ages and background, that I have garnered my years of expertise. Reading is knowledge and that is one thing I sure enjoy. Add that with real life experiences, pragmaticism, times a wealth of knowledge and well, you get me. And I’m here talking with you! Another thing I love to do.

Among my other passions: I love to emcee live events and karaoke. I have hosted my own internet radio talk show called “Xposed" which is coming back for a second season, airing Monday, Jan 7th, 2019. You may listen in on the Mixlr App!

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