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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

A bestie can be one of the greatest people in your life. If the relationship is handled with the proper love, care and respect, it can last a lifetime. Your best friend is someone you would likely call for advice, to go on last minute breakfast dates and, well, just about anything that your significant other can’t handle. If you’re anything like my best friends and I, you share a bond with each other that is unbreakable. When you are best friends, you should be able to trust that person with practically your life and vice versa. So why is there such hesitation to create a business with each other?

There is a saying that goes, business and pleasure don’t mix. And while there is a cringing truth to this statement, it just shouldn’t be the case. Best friends often complete many milestones together including graduation, getting married, and having children. Why not add becoming millionaires to the list?

What I have come to realize is that many “best friends” hesitate on becoming business partners simply because they are afraid to lose their friendship in the process.Yes, money can be the root of all evil, I get it! However you just simply cannot allow it to control or destroy something (your friendship) that’s supposed to be built on a solid foundation.  

Women can be a force to be reckoned with, if we are properly informed and equipped with the proper tools to do so. Do you and your bestie have a great idea for a business but afraid to start it together? If it’s lack of know how, don’t worry, I have a bestie for that. And if it’s lack of organization, don’t worry, I have a bestie for that too! If it’s simply because you are afraid of ruining a perfectly good friendship, maybe my list of do’s and don’ts will help.

1. Don’t start your business venture with the mindset of already failing.

Whether it’s just within the business or your friendship, having a positive mind is key. Yeah, it may sound cliché but it’s truth! Oprah didn’t become a billionaire by harvesting self-doubt;I’m sure that having a positive mind was part of her daily routine.

2. Do have a plan!

Planning is essential to entrepreneurs and if you are starting a business with your bestie, it’s that much more important. Plan out who’s responsible for what, that way there is no gray areawhen it comes to responsibilities. Write it out, pray about it, do whatever is necessary to come to an agreement.

3. Don’t be bull headed.

What I mean by this is, allow everyone a say and an opportunity to voice their opinion. Remember that the business is a partnership and there is not a sole proprietor. When one person feels under valued, a whole different dilemma could transpire. Keep it equal, if that’s what was agreed upon in the beginning.

4. Do remember that you were friends first.

Waking up on an island on any given day, sounds fantastically wonderful. But if you have to snake your way there, while trampling over your friendship, what good is that? A successful business with your besties MUST have a BBE (Besties Before Everything) clause. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, should come between your friendship regarding the business. Having this as your foundation allows you to approach any discrepancies, disagreements or concerns with an open mind and heart, knowing that no matter what you will always be friends.

5. Don’t slack

Just like you would want your opinions to matter, you also need to pull your weight. Don’t allow your friend to do all the work and you just reap the benefits. That’s not how a partnership works! Yes, the BBE clause is in effect but do not abuse it! Bottom line is, pull your weight and contribute!

Last, but not least…

6. Do have fun!

After all, you’re business partners with your best friend. What better combination could there be? Be professional of course,but have fun. Celebrate your successes, learn from your failures and enjoy the journey.

Having a best friend that’s willing to invest with you and take a journey down a road that’s far less traveled, is a blessing. Take pride and roll with the punches. Who knows, you may become best selling authors, traveling the world one day!

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