If at first you don’t succeed-Emma Sheree

From the the very first day that we learn to crawl, walk or ride a bike there is sure to be one key factor that coexist within each of these task. Everything that we ever had to learn to do, takes trial and error. Unless we were born with super bionic powers, we had to learn to do these things like everyone else by continuously trying without giving up.

Babies are the best teachers. When babies learn to walk, they often stumble, fall and cry; However their determination overshadows the feeling of defeat. As parents we are great supporters because we simply pick them up, wipe their hands and feet and assure them that it’s okay. We encourage them to keep trying because eventually they will get it and we know that the result of not giving up is so much more rewarding than excepting failure.

As young children, we fought and fought until we conquered something and if we recall any goal that we accomplished, that may have been the best moment of our lives at that time, right?

That feeling of accomplishment ran through our spirit and gave us a feeling that no other person is/was able to duplicate, right?

So how come when we become adults, all of the rules that we’ve applied to our lives as children somehow doesn’t exist or we think that they do not work anymore? As adults, we allow depression, anguish and exhaustion to plague our mindset and that youthful determination is no longer present. Do we feel that as adults things should be easier or that things should just come naturally? Well, I’m here to say that they don’t and we must go back to our youthful minds when it comes to accomplishing things as adults. Things may get harder for us but as children, things were “ hard” for us too! We just never allowed anything to weigh us down. We may stumble, fall or cry in life but we have to remember that the end result will be far more rewarding.

So what if you’ve had 300 business ideas that didn’t work, idea number 301 just may be the one that takes off and change your life. So what if you’ve started 7 books and never finished one, Book number 8 is the one! So what if you’ve haven’t worked on your business since 2012, everyday that you are alive is a new opportunity to kickstart it back up. As long as breath is in your lungs, that is God giving you permission to keep going.

People are often embarrassed by the amount of times that they stumble or fall but when in reality you should take that as a little motivation. If everything was made to be easy, then how appreciative would we really be when we accomplish a goal?

At the end of the day, what I’m really saying is that it’s okay to fall as long as you don’t stay down. It took Benjamin Franklin approximately 6 years to complete his discovery of electricity. It took slave ancestors over 400 years to get free. Visually those numbers look impossible to maintain determination but the truth of the matter is no one gave up and quite frankly, the end result is far more rewarding don’t you think?

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