Slay and Be Well -by Cache Castelow

[5 Weekly Wellness Tips For You and Your Bestie]

Good girlfriends can be hard to come by, and sometimes good health can be hard to sustain. In 2019, I vowed to myself that my health will reflect my good relationships, so now my girlfriends and I feel comfortable to talk about health with one another. Below are 5 wellness tips that you and your bestie can stick to.

’A healthy minds creates a healthy heart”- Cache’ Castelow

o Mantra Monday

Do you remember as a little girl, you and your bestiecreating, sayings, ‘inside-jokes’, and handshakes. This time around you’ll are older and putting words in existence can come in handy for you’ll relationships. For instance, my bestie and I text each other every Monday, “Goal Get Your Blessing” our quick mantra helps motivates us to tackle the week ahead. What’s yours? Create one! Tell your bestie, and get motivated.

o Tell-All Tuesday

Do you have a lot on your mind by the beginning of the week and you need someone to talk to? Call your bestie, take 15-30 minutes out of your day every Tuesday, have a group chat about to your core besties to discuss any trials and tribulations or blessings you may have experience so far in the week. Don’t for get to say a prayer at the end of the conversation!

o Wellness Workout Wednesday

We all know how the middle of the week can go either ‘left’ or ‘right’. Now you have the chance to take control of your week with a great workout, get this…with your bestie! Instead of choosing, ‘laughs’ over ‘lunges’ how about you choose both. Not only will you get in shape with your bestie but you also can set the direction of your week!  

o Thirsty Thursday

Wellness, includes a cocktail, right? It’s Thursday, the end of your shift, the week is almost over. There’s no other way to say, “I love you bestie” then a nice cosmoand a warm hug, pay for each other drinks and have fun, keep it classy, ladies!

o Fancy Friday

It’s already Friday! So far you and your bestie created so many memories all week! Why stop there? Get fancy and try a new lounge to check out downtown or city nearest you, listen to some good music and have a fancy drink.

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