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Updated: Dec 30, 2018

2019 is upon us! This year has been insane for me personally (in an awesome way) and I still have more room to grow. I have a undying love for fashion, and based on how I look day to day will determine my mood and productivity. I know this may sound dramatic but my clients will attest that your style can make or break your mood for the entire day. Have you ever gone through a break up and a friend encouraged you to pull out your best outfit and hit the town for a night out? There is a science behind it! Sometimes just hitting the reset button is the best thing to do. I’ve listed below my tips on how to reset your style and start turning heads in the new year.

5 ways to  reset your  style for 2019

1. Start the year off with a closet purge. Often clothes have emotional or sentimental ties to you. In your efforts to “start over", you’re going to have to let go of some things, starting in your closet is a great idea, then moving down the line to more serious things (like toxic people) is a must. A clean closet= a clear

2. Create a capsule. A capsule will consist 30-40 pieces of clothing you can wear and switch around to have full use of ALL the clothes in your closet. Who else has a closet full of clothes they hardly wear? If your looking to minimize the time it takes to get dressed and still look cute and trendy everyday creating a capsule will definitely help you solve the “what am I wearing today?” problem, or the 30 min staring in your closet and coming up with nothing but frustration problem. A capsule also helps efficiency, the less time you spend trying to figure out what to wear daily, the more time you’ll have to build your

3. Shopping with intention! Always have something in mind whenever you head into the stores to look around. I’ve spent years shopping for absolutely nothing and coming home with stuff I’ll never wear. Have a party coming up? Shop for that! A big client coming to the office? Shop for that! Creating a list before hand and also taking out only the cash you need and leaving the bank cards at home are some quick tips to help you stay on track. I believe this will save you money AND time in the mall.

4. Try a new hair style. If you’ve always wanted to try a short hair style DO IT! Want longer hair? BUY SOME! Right now wigs are trending big time, and being made in so many styles I can hardly keep up. If your not ready to make the permanent change try a wig first and play around with your look. This can help you get out of that “looking the same everyday rut”. This can come with a hefty price tag for a really good quality now, but its an investment and if you have the extra, totally worth it! A change in hairstyle can also help you boost confidence and maybe grab the eye of that secret crush in the office you’ve been stalking for the last 3 months! All pics below are actually wigs!

5. Develop your own style. This is the most important part . Everyone has their own boundaries with fashion and trying to emulate your favorite celebrities style may leave your feeling completely uncomfortable and quite frankly plain old ugly. Instead, try to take the steps to formulate your own style. This can be done a few different ways, the most popular would be taking a style quiz ( or if your image is really important to you hiring a image consultant. When you build confidence it allows you to step out of your comfort zone and start really chasing some of those dreams you’ve had. Go for it!

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