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This week on The Bestie Code Blog, I decided to start a new segment, The Spotlight, in which on every first Monday of the month, I will hi-light a talent, a skill or an accomplishment of one selected individual. Just to promote, uplift and introduce the amazing women that exists. Who knows, through this avenue you might find your next Bestie! Lol! This is a poem written by myself, Emma Sheree. As a pass time of mine I like to write poetry so I hope you enjoy!

Broken - by Emma Sheree

We’re living in a world filled with lots of broken things.

Broken spirits, broken homes, broken hearts and broken dreams.

Broken little girls, who’s daddies are gone and

broken little boys who’s mothers are raising them alone.

Broken justice systems, that just isn’t fair

and broken government leaders who simply do not care.

Broken neighborhoods in which violence, weapons and drugs flood.

Abundant poverty rates which causes the shedding of innocent blood.

Police brutality is high, “Freeze! Don’t move!“

He reaches for his wallet, but he fears for his life so he shoots then “Boom!”

Another unarmed black man dead, it’s no big deal,

we’ll just find the pic to post that he has with his gun, that’ll justify this kill.

Broken media outlets that only highlights the bad. They never talk about his degrees, his job or the fact that he’s a great dad.

Broken mothers and fathers have to bury their child. Another hashtag campaign, pressing forward past the tears to force a broken smile.

Broken equal rights, because equality just doesn’t exists, his skin is lighter, so he lives and gets a slap on the wrists.

Broken communities are where we live because we just simply will not unite!

because of our Broken mindsets we just can not get it right!

We live with broken dignity because we’re viewed as less than; Therefore instead of helping one another, we kill the next broken man.

Too broken to admit we’re broken and pride gets in the way. Then depression takes over, suicide pursues and with our life we still pay.

We need to BREAK the chain of brokenness, with it we can’t win.

As long as we our spirits are broken, we will continue to lose our men.

We’re living in a world filled with lots of broken things.

But most broken things are repairable, so lets repair our crowns and be RESTORED queens and kings.

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