WIACon 2019 experience- Emma Sheree

We as women often forget how impactful, passionate and versatile we are, when it comes to many facets of life. We are the wearers of numerous hats and titles, we are strong, we are courageous, we are nurtures and most importantly we take action!

The Bestie Code authors are extremely proud and humbled to say that the founder/ceo of the women in action conference, Mrs. A. Margot Blair, asked us to be apart of the WIACon 2019 experience. We were invited to coach attendees about book writing, however we can truly say that we’ve learned a lot of information just as much as we taught. We’ve made lasting connections with powerful women across the U.S. and more importantly we were able to experience something that many do not believe exist, a group of women uplifting and encouraging each other to just be great!

Women from all over flooded the Black Canyon Conference Center in Phoenix AZ on Saturday, August 17th to contribute and also learn from some amazing powerhouse women. It was such a wonderful and enlightening experience. Women in fields of finance, marketing, and even legal fields relating to business were in attendance. Stories of trials and triumph were shared and the inspiration that filled the room was absolutely present.

One of the things that stood out most was how many women often share the same thought process. They either feel disconnected or ostracized by other women and it’s not because this is the truth but sometimes we self inflict these feelings upon ourselves. A speaker by the name of Aqueela Maddox had a wonderful presentation entitled Suicide of Sisterhood, which hi-lighted how women often kill off a relationship before it even begins because there is something within us that keeps us from being genuine enough to interact with other women.

To to wrap up the event a few women were honored for the very much appreciated work that they do throughout their communities. The Women in Action conference is definitely something to attend if ever presented the opportunity. The Bestie Code sure will. Until then work on yourself and be 100% true to yourself at all times.

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